Custom coupon books

I would like to work with local schools by doing fundraisers. I want to have them sell a coupon book that I have printed, but I’m not having much luck finding someone who can print custom coupon books. Any suggestions on who may be able to do this sort of thing? Have you ever tried something like this in the past? If so, how well did it work?

Have you tried local printers or even Staples?
Are you looking for a local “hometown” vibe or a more 4-color “pro” look?
I’ve done things like this many times over the years but always using a third party- I love the idea of doing it yourself.
The problem we started running into was that deals were somewhat watered down with all the other specials, in other words when everything you sell is $5 or $6, then doing a BOGO for $15 is not that attractive.
Of course, that was a franchise issue.
I still think it’s a great idea done the way you want to do it.

Have you considered prepaid cards?..An assortment of items for a fixed price…Give the group a commission for selling them…Non redeemed cards will partly pay commission…

I do this with several groups. It works great and I can easily print full color cards on my printer.