Custom imprinted fountain soda cups.

Does anyone know were I can get cups for fountain sodas with our logo on them.


You can ask the company that supplies your cups if they have the tools to do it or even to whoever you purchase your soda from,Pepsi/Coke. They will often times do it for you as long as you continue to purchase your product from them.

Bobby do you have any idea of the quantity you require?..Are you talking about paper or plastic cups?..To get the prices low enough, you often have to buy substantial quantities…

I just looked into this myself, and to get the price down to where it was worth it…I would have had to purchase 70 cases of each size cup!!! I passed!

I called Berry Plastics to get a price as well… they have a minimum of 100,000 cups for each size. um yeah, i have some extra space, but not that much!

Most any paper supplier can get you cups. Normally cups have a 50 case minimum but that does not mean you have to buy the whole lot at once and store them. Depending upon your volume, or expected volume, you can pay as you go and your supplier will stock them. The whole process and cost is completely negotiable and greatly influenced by your volume. If you only have one shop and are low volume, you will not have much leverage but that does not mean you will have to pay up front and store the whole lot. Maybe you can pay 50% up front and they will store for 12 months??? Maybe 8 months and a monthly payment??? If your current supplier is not willing to work with you shop around. Present another supplier with the deal that you will move all of your existing business with them if they carry your logo cup.