Custom Pizza Boxes Worth It

Wondering what everyone’s opinion on these are. Are they worth the cost?

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i think so but it obviously depends on price. Our box guy allows us to change designs easy so we mix it up for the holidays


What do you pay for that custom box and what kind of quantity do you need to commit to?

16" B Flute 2 color $27.95
i usually order 50 bundles a drop but they have a minimal order minimum like $200

Can you share who you are using? Because I have never been able to get a quote that cheap first and foremost and the fact they let you change it for the holidays is amazing!!!

AVCO they service NY, NJ, CT, & MA that I know of


i just found out they expanded all over the US so call Catherine @ AVCO 631-463-1255

I tried to signup with them, but it was $50 a case to Richmond VA.

That is a very nice box!

The worth of custom pizza boxes depends on your business goals and budget. If your customer experience important for you then you must invert in custom boxes that can set you apart. If cost efficiency is crucial than standard boxes might be more practical. Its depends on your target market and branding strategy.

Agree pizza boxes cost in very important factor.

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Yes are right. Its depends on your requirement if you want to attract your customer though branding it must be expensive a little bit. But always try to manage cost on pizza boxes.

$37 to Richmond. I really can’t afford it, but I like it. Thanks perry.

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AVCO is who I also use. They charge $24 for the 14" large boxes, and $18 for the 10" small ones. I’m very pleased with their service overall.
Hey @famousperry , could you please tell me who developed your smartphone apps? Are they tied to your POS system, I assume? If so, which POS do you use?

Foodtec but I am curious about your box pricing since I pay $24.95 for 10"! Do you get B-flute?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I honestly don’t know what type flute I have, but it’s what the salesperson brought with him the first time he pitched me and I’ve always been pleased with the quality, as it’s on par with what I used to get from U.S. Foods. So while I’m not sure what type of flute it is, I’m guessing it’s the better quality one, because it’s what he was advertising when he came knocking. I did a good amount of negotiating and I also think I’m on their main route. They do charge about $8 for every delivery, but I think they’re the best bang for the buck for smaller operators like us.
How do you like Foodtech? I have Toast and I truly enjoy a lot of aspects about it, but the delivery implementation leaves a lot to be desired.