Custom Pizza Boxes

I am having a terrible time trying to find a company to custom print my logo on the top of a plain pizza box without charging me $9/box (I know, I laughed too) If you have any leads I would love to hear what y’all are doing to avoid the generic pizza box with that cartoon man tossing dough on the top.

Thanks in advance!

The only way to get a decent price is to buy in bulk. Unless you have a place to warehouse a few hundred bundles and you don’t mind paying for it all up front, your best bet is to talk to your supplier and work something out with them. Most will have a few different companies they work with.

Get a big stamp. stamp the boxes as they go out or as you fold them

Go through your food distributor

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Pizza Box Express in High Point/ Greensboro, NC.

I have in the past, sold advertising on the sides of the boxes to offset the cost of the printing prices (not the total cost)

Interesting. Who would typically purchase that advertising?

In the past, i had a local karate place and a local indoor batting cage facility. $100 per month.

star pizza box

Do you use Battaglia as a supplier? They will print the boxes for you and store them at their warehouse. Way more helpful than other suppliers making you order bulk. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this!

yeah! Battaglia are good people. my family has been doing business with them since almost their start. and their prices are way better than Sysco or GFS. I’ve never been interested in fancy boxes. the stamp is more my style.

Have a rethink about this. Advertising can be done without and prepress, chemicals printing plates. We have developed a custom designed and low priced digital printing press to print the box with ads on the flaps. send me email at and I can send you image and details. Our biggest customer got started with this idea in UK seven months ago and has generated huge profits.

Many companies offer low price on bulk order but LA Packaging Solutions offers also offer reasonable prices as well

Welcome to inquiry Xinghua packaging company from China.
It is the largest pizza box manufacturer in China and has customers all over the country. to get the competitive price