Custom Pizza Boxes

Looking for a website where I can design my own pizza box. Anyone know any good, inexpensive box suppliers that can print out your own logo?

Who do you plan to use as your supplier? They can get you set up for custom boxes. If you want to set it up on your own, get in touch with Hal from Star Pizza Box in Florida. They will sell to any of the food distributors. 1-800-645-2700 Hicksville New York

PJ’s Corrugated Inc 419-644-3383

Freeport Paper 631-851-1555 Central Islip New York

Smurfit Stone … efault.asp

Has anyone here imported boxes from China?..I keep getting emails from China looking for an agent to market their products in Nort America…

I don’t remember where I read it but there was a comment about there being a problem with the bacteria count in the cardboard from China.

i just got a letter today from my box guy that prices go up 8% at the end of the month :frowning: has designers that will help develop your plates for printing. They did a pretty nice job enhancing my new boxes when we modified our shop name to “Pizzeria” from “Pizza Stop”.

We even have discussed trying to add a MAP to our place on the bottoms of the boxes :smiley: It is not a common thing, and may cost a bit more . . . but ain’t no one else doing it that I’ve seen!

Hello Wiseguy,My friend who owns a local food dist. here where I live just started to do custom boxes.I’m sure he would give you a great deal,just tell him Nick @ Goomba’s gave you this number and that your a friend of mine.There # is 215-997-1130 it is called Bova Foods ask for Sal.

               Hope this helps you,