I know we have a thread somewhere that talks about custom printed boxes but I couldn’t find the RECENT one, I talked to my rep and the BEST pricing that he could get me was …
7inch boxes (100) 20.67
10 inch boxes (50) 9.82
12 inch boxes (50) 11.30
14 inch boxes (50) 15.72
18 inch boxes (50) 23.80

generics are running me
14 are 14.50 a case so a 1.20 a case more and I can have custom… sounds good to me
plus there is no minium and I wont have to store them

Good topic…

Who gave you that quote? I live in WI and I am looking to get custom boxes, currently I use Sysco for a generic box and I am paying $15.60 for 50 (14inch). I was paying much more, until I threaten to get them someplace else.

I mentioned to my sysco rep that I was thinking about custom boxes and he told me , it would be more, of course… I feel like I am getting ripped off…

Can anyone give me an idea what they are paying for custom boxes and who they are…(box company and vender) and does anyone know of anyone in Northern WI that does custom boxes

How many colors?
How “tall” a box? I believe there normally are two options.

Your rep beats the pants off mine. Who are you using?

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(50) 16" 3 color boxes $26.00 (They waived the plate charges and charge me more per case until they make their money back)

I used Smurfit Stone and they were awesome to work with. The boxes look beautiful. If I had gone with Star boxes it would have been like $850 in plate charges up front. It took 3 weeks from when I contacted them until when I had them in stock. Can’t say enough good things about them. Im in New Orleans btw

mine is a 2 color on white (purple and black) I THINK the box is 1 3/4 tall, this is threw presto foods

Color me jealous. We have to use 2" E Flute boxes because of our Chicago Style Pizzas a large 14" is 5+ pounds. Custom printed 2 color boxes are:

12" - 35.00
16" - 50.00+

Anyone else have prices on 2" E Flutes??

E flute boxes should be a little cheaper than b flutes. 2" will be a liitle more than 1.75 inch boxes.

You may want to try a 16 1/2 " box. These should be cheaper. I am currently paying 24.50 (50) Printed 2 Color.

wow Rockstar now i am jealous… I have Presto too (about 3 years now)in ohio custom white outside boxes with brown inside 1 color 2" tall and get charged way more than that! they are from Holly’s Custom print in Hebron ohio my presto is based right there
there was a i think $100 plate fee and no minimums just order with regular weekly orderthen they deliver them with the order.
Just curious are you single shop or multi store cause i know they have different pricing for that. who was the boxes coming from for that.when I was at the belterra show I know they had 3 different packaging companies but that pricing is amazing compared to mine.

and of course too good to be true…just talked to the rep today and I guess custom printed boxes to him was the ones with villages on them (generic)…Great those prices are about 10 percent higher than what I can get generics for as it is…
I do have Roma working on it though…again the question arises what is the cut off point to where it isn’t cost effective?
how much more a bundle is it worth to have the custom boxes

Custom printed boxes. Is a total waste of money.
People don’t look at the box they look at what’s inside the box that makes them call again.

Really? A total waste of money? I respectfully disagree. Not only are custom boxes a great branding tool, they are also a great advertising tool. People driving to work on trash day will see countless pizza boxes sticking out of their neighbors trash with my logo on them. People eating my delicious pizza at that pta meeting will immediately know where it came from. Having my boxes sitting in the lunchroom at the school, car dealership, or at the doctors office is definitely not a waste of money. Most people I know feel that custom boxes were one of the best decisions they made for their business.

Return on marketing is often hard to quantify…Some are convinced that custom boxes are a must while others say the opposite…I never seen a study specific custom boxes but I have seen some on branding in general…

In Canada with unaddressed admail (our bulk mail) you can divide a market into smaller zones…I have done this in the past where we did different marketing in different zones…One thing I remember doing was switching to colour menus verses 2 colour menus…For more than 6 months we did 1/2 and 1/2 and the zones with full colour pulled better…

We then went to all full colour and had no offers in some zones and offers in other zones…The zones that had offers generated higher sales but less profit in the end…So from that point on we just distributed menus but increased our frequency…

It is very important to track everything and give yourself a long enough time frame to ensure your data has some value…And remember that every market is different and your marketing efforts will need to be tweaked for best results…

Has anyone used My Pizza Promo for their printed boxes? I was just looking at their site and see they are offering a full color printed box. I have ask them to send information.

The main reason I went for the printed boxes is that I do a lot for the school and wanted the name in front of the kids so they knew what pizza company it was from NO MISTAKING IT! And that tactic has worked i am getting alot of the newer younger groups in from it plus being new to the area it helped in mind at least getting the brand out there. I do know alot of other shops in small towns that never have done custom and probaly never will but i just chalk it up to advertising and royster is right it is hard to figure the return value of it so its one of those to each their own…

I just got this quote from GFS and nearly fell off my chair.

10" box - Plate charge - $2900,00 - $22.99 bundle of 50 - Minimum 60 bundles
12" box - Plate charge - $3400.00 - $25.99 bundle of 50 - Minimum 60 bundles
14" box - Plate charge - $4000.00 - $33.99 bundle of 50 - Minimum 60 bundles

ok finally nailed down my custom boxes and they looked pretty good
7 inch 2 color 50 = $10.85
10inch 2 color 50 =$ 14.06
12inch 2 color 50 =$ 15.51
14inch 2 color 50 = $16.25
18inch 2 color 50 =$ 23.85

Who is doing your custom boxes?

I just got a quote for 2 color 14 inch boxes at $16.50 for a bundle of 50…50 bundle minimum. That’s only $2.50 more than what I’m paying for the generic boxes we use now, still not that sure about getting them.

Star pizza boxes threw roma foods

rock- those prices are still pretty good. assuming they are corugated(sp). i pay 17.95 for 50 custom 16inch boxes. the quality of this box is def better than the generic one.

I think about it like this. it costs me $1.50/bundle more then generic.

1.50 x 7 bundles a week. $10.50

52 weeks a year. $546.00

If you ask me $546.00/ year is marketing money well spent. if not the best. there is no reason why you should have the same village as the place down the street.