Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

First, I am sorry to bring up this topic again ( :oops: ), but I am having a dickens of a time finding a good source. I want to order either 4,000 or 6,000 boxes with my two color logo on it and can’t seem to find a good, respondsive source here in the New Jersey area. I figure that order will repeat itself every 3-4 months. Anyone have any leads for me. Thanks!

current practice is to have your supplier do it for you, as many box companies (Star & Stone) won’t deal w/you as an individual…

Roma & Sysco will do it…

Gus at Tr-State Paper 215-423-3311. Small company, I’m paying $15.50 for 16’s and $12.95? for 12’s. Depends where in NJ if they’ll come to you I guess.Gus is the owner by the way.

Hello Robespierre,there is a great company in Lansdale PA called Bova Foods.They just started printing boxes and are giving pretty good deals I personally deal w/ them myself.Give them a call @ 215-997-1130 tell them Nick from Goomba’s Pizza sent you they will take care of you.


Does anyone know of a local printer in the Cincy area that custom boxes reasonably? Thanks.


Avco Industries. 631/851/1555

They are on Long Island.

I believe they’ll deliver to Jersey if you put a bulk order in.

i get mine from pizza boxes inc. out of long island …so i’m quite sure they will ship to jersey. i also use a 2 color box. plate chgs are reasonable and so far have been basically happy with them. their phone # is 516-937-1133.

Anyone know the name of a company or carrier for custom pizza boxes in the South, preferably Atlanta?


Don’t know of a manufacturer, but Sysco and USFoods out of Atlanta area distribute for Star Pizza Boxes. I get mine currently from USFoods, but will be price shopping soon to be sure I am getting best price. I was last Spring, so I am not affraid.


What a small world, I used to live on Floral Ave. on JC not from you guys and we used to order from you guys on like every weekend…graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 2004. Boooy, do I miss the good ole Southern Tier. Did it snow a lot this year?

Thx Nick. Are they affordable, we currently get ours from Restaurant Depot & sometimes Bari Italian Foods. At RD, we pay 10’"-$7.99 12"-$10.99 & 14"-$12.99. But ofcourse these aren’t custom, around how much would we get custom boxes for with the companies you mentioned? Also, is there a minimum required?

Star Pizza Boxes has a minimum number of bundles, but it is small, like 10 bundles per size or something. We are paying a little high, I know at:

[list]10" 18.31 (36.6 cents each)
12" 21.09 (42.2)
16" 26.61 (53.2) [/list]

USFoods orders them and warehouses them for me. I suspect they charge a nice premium for that service. I’m going to find out what it costs to get the whole order for one size dropped at once and stagger my ordering on my own. I’ll find out the lead time to get a run printed and keep up with it. If I run out, then I scramble like everyone else :slight_smile:

We use Star Box to print ours. Great quality b flute boxes with 2 colors.These are shipped to our food distributor and delivered with our order so they make their markup as well. Bundled in 50. 12" $11.35, 16" 15.75, 18" 18.39.

OUCH!! :shock: I gotta get a better price. Mine are one color and too much higher than that to be funny. Boxes are great . . . prices apparently are “special” for me.