Custom Printing

Who do you use for custom printing jobs

We use Mailshark for our boxtoppers as well as our mailing pieces.

I have used Mailshark, They are a great company. Have you heard of Fiverr. It is Company based in Tel aviv. They do extremely cheap freelance work. I have a tri-fold menu that Mailshark made for me. I wanted that transferd to just a plain sheet of paper, not just copied but just totally redone in an old fashion plain format. They did it for $5 plus a lot of revisions. Then I just toke that to a local guy, and he printed 1000 for $26 bucks

We use Mailwise Solutions and are very happy with them 859-341-3400.

I also use Mailwise Solutions. Very happy with them as well.

What are you paying and what do you use them for precisely?

they designed & printed my menus 11x17 trifold full color 25K for $1695. They were awesome to work with as I am anal about layout and they did every revision (i think they were 25 in total) without a word. They printed up some on a heavier stock and laminated a bunch that we use for dinein menus that also had a different layout. The mailed me a few thousand for take-out customers with out coupons and I am about to mail out the remainder in the coming months to my delivery area. I like the fact that I am able to choose carrier routes and to a small drop (500) per week.

What’s the price per week for a 500 count mailer drop? And do you have to sign a 1 year contract or how does it work? Just curious. I did MailShark before and they were great to work with. I had to sign a 1 year contract but they did 500 mailers weekly for $200/week.

Mailwise Solutions charges us 23.5 cents per piece for mailing and drop ship to the post office.

Mailshark for everything. They have a good design team. For digital menus I used Fiverr and aside from the frustration with the language barrier it was well worth it, I think that was 10 or 20 bucks with unlimited revisions and animation. Im glad it wasn’t only 1 revision because the majority of revisions were errors on their part, and not understanding what I wanted even though I spelled it out to them quite plainly. Again, only explanation is language barrier… it was so comical if I wasn’t paying them I would think they were playing a practical joke on me it was so bad. But I got what I wanted. They grew frustrated with me towards the end which actually annoyed the crap out of me because I went out of my way, complete with screen shotting and photoshopping what I wanted them to change, to make sure they knew what I wanted. On second thought maybe I don’t recommend Fiverr.

Yeah fiverr was so cheap That I did 2 revision and then just paid another 5 bucks to keep the gut happy.

Along with the pizza business, I also own a printing company,
I do all kinds of banners, door knockers, apparel, etc. I’ve become my own best customer.
I can be reached at if you would like to see some of the things I’ve done for our restaurant.

Pizza of the Month has the correct price per piece although the minimum drop is 1K not 500. Mailwise has no contract and I have found them to be really easy to work with…no pressure tactics