Customer Appreciation Day/Kid's Day

My first Customer Appreciation Day is coming up on 5/19. $4.99 Large Pizza

I’m also hosting a blood drive on the same day. Looking to turn this into more of a carnival type thing. Invite fire engine/ambulance, have a moon bounce, pizza tossing contest, maybe a couple games.

Any other ideas?

I’m going to get press releases out in the next couple days. Offering a free large pizza to anyone who donates blood. I think I might be able to pull a really great response for the entire event.

I plan to boxtop starting tomorrow, put up signs in surrounding businesses, e-mail to my list, postcards to my entire database, fax to my business list. Will also order a banner and put this on my roadside sign.


I’ll be having a gluten free customer appreciation day on Sunday the 20th. GF Pizzas for $5.99, regular price is $9.99. A lot of my customers travel great distances for this pizza, and I think quite a few of them will stock up. I’m going to tell everyone that we’re making 500 pizzas, it would be so awesome if I could sell that many. (Usually sell around 25 from Friday to Sunday)

im doing it to this saturday


Don’t forget about putting streamers up in the parking lot. It’s relatively inexpensive and it pulls attention from passers by. Banners?


Heather, best of luck with your promotion. Sounds like you have a good head start getting it set up. Let us know how it goes. If you can get a button maker of some sort, handing out buttons to neighboring businesses who are willing to promote your special could be good. Gas stations, groceries, hardware store, library. Staff sporting them as well. I have a badge-a-minit button making kit (takes 90 to 120 seconds really) that we will make full use of.

We are designing our banners now for later this spring/summer. Turns out our local ordinances prohibit the pennant type streamers things as well as streamers that flail in the wind. Something about distracting drivers and causing issues. So . . . we find the next best things and surge on. Signs, people with hand signs, word of mouth, other stuff will come out, too.