Customer Appreciation Night Week of July 26-Aug. 2

Has anyone ever tried this marketing idea from Big Dave? What problems/successes did you experience in doing it? Would you do it again?

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Yes. I did it on June 3rd this year. It went pretty well. I have a few comments on it on the think tank. We are already planning on next year. We are still reelling in a few new return customers as a result. There were a few that tried to take advantage of us, but for the most part, our customers played nice and everyone had a great time. One thing I noticed is that the regulars that got in on it ordered again in the next few days since they still had their ‘‘pizza budget’’ money. Bottom line, we didnt lose money, we gained customers and “BRAGGING RIGHTS”.
Tom R

This is an update on my last post on the subject. That post was from 2005. We went ahead and held another Cust. Apprec. night this year, mid June. With a little more experience, we went into it knowing a little more what to expect. For instance, we had less staff. Last year, too many employees made for too few tips. One thing we changed was the letter. It’s kind of awkward standing at someone’s door as they hastilly read the letter and look at you and ask : “so, how much do I owe you?” I ditched the letter a couple hours into it. I think we even embarrassed one regular that seemed like he couldn’t read. Other than making that change midstream, things went much smoother the second time around. And yes, we are still the Kings of Customer Appreciation around here, and all of our customers know it. How can you go wrong with that?
Tom R

I had a kids day at one of my stores. We gave flyers a month in advance and also the schools did the same thing for us. We gave all kids the under 17 free food and portion (15%) of of our sales that night between 6-9 went to the school. But we had to get teachers to come and work. Kids all have favorite teachers and if their teacher say something most of them lesson. We took pictures and had barney present because back then baney was very popular. We hang every body picture on the walls and all the kids would come see their pictures. We also gave them a copy because every mom loves their kids.

Peter payam