Customer Comment Cards

For those that use them, how are they implemented? Do you has any consequences or rewards for negative or positive feedback and if so after how many?

Any thoughts you can share will be greatly appreciated.

When i made my comment cards, i posted fill out a comment card COMPLETLY and be entered in a free pizza drawing (every week or month or whatever).

Had a lot of completed cards, but make sure you just put multiple choice questions down… if the customer has to actualy think and write in a sentence then usually they discard it. :roll:

We use the cards supplied by Grande Cheese. The ones that are returned we hang on the walkin door, so all employees can read. We don’t do any type of formal program with our employees, but the cards do serve to reinforce our customers perspective about us, and show us our weaknesses. That way, when we change a policy to improve a weakness, the employees know why. Overwhelmingly though, the cards are positive, and that helps everyone feel better about where they work and the job they do. (Recognize of course, most bad customer experiences result in the customer simply not returning in the future, and not bothering to complete a comment card)

We also used customer questionnaires. We had 10 questions survey, which we would use about every two months. We would send one out with every order that left the store (del-co unit) for two weeks at a time. When the customer filled it out, there was a coupon worth an additional $2.00 off their order. We also told all of our customers from the day we opened, If you ever have a problem or concern. Please, don’t hesitate to call. Total complaints and concerns over a three year period, ONE legitimate. IMO, surveys or questionnaires are worth the effort. They let your customers know that you care!

I agree with Integraoligist make it simple. Yes and No and multiple choice.

My boss is soon to be implementing comment cards.

He is going to be offering a $1.00 off next pizza purchase as a “reward” for comments being returned.