Customer complains waitress was chewing gum

Had a customer call back and complain that her waitress was chewing gum.

I didn’t notice her chewing gum llike a horse.

Do you have a policy about chewing gum?


Imo, chewing gum does not promote a professional image.

Just called the lady and now she says her steak was made wrong(I remember this order and it was right) and we gave her the wrong tea and the waitress had a horrible attitude. This waitress is a bubbly pretty type that has never had a problem. The lady ordered a steak with no gp or o. Mushrooms come with our steaks and she got mushrooms. She also complained about the cheese being the wrong cheese. It clearly states on the menu what kind of cheese we put on that specific steak and she said thats not the way its made.


It would be a health code violation here to chew gum as a cook or server. Nevertheless, I have to agree with pizzapirate that it isn’t the most professional image to project.

I’ve never seen the gum chewing but I will post a No Gum policy today.


I agree on the no gum chewing policy. It does make the server look unprofessional. As far as your complaining customer… sounds like she was going to complain about anything and everything. I would just let it go and not worry too much about it all. You will always have the select few that even if everything was 100%… they would still find fault and let you know about it. :expressionless:

Wow I’m not going to hold back much…Your actually on the board trying to get us to back you up in defending an employee for not chomping like or horse but just chewing gum. Uh you your employees your vendors whomever should never be seen by anyone eating, drinking chewing gum or whatever. Health code or not chewing gum isn’t cool.

I don’t need you to back me up. The TT is a place to vent. If you read any of the posts you would of seen that I said I didn’t see any gum chewing. Stick around and learn…


Lol, not much you can do. What people say and what they really mean are often two different things.