Customer Entertainment

Do you go out of your way to entertain your customers and keep them in the pizzeria longer?

Examples include: arcade games, photo booths, mechanical characters, game monitors played at the table or at the bar, juke boxes (large and small), TVs, etc.

If you fall into this category, we want to hear from you for an article in PMQ’s October issue.

Please contact managing editor Jim Dees at your earliest convenience at or 662-234-5481, ext. 129 and let him know how you entertain.

Liz Barrett, PMQ

i have a pizza restaurant in oviedo,fla. i have a 100 foot patio with tables and have music which keps the people entertained when busy wating for pickup or food. also helps with the beer and wine as then they will have a drink
an listen to music.
also i started having blues jam fests on sunday after noons which draws a huge crowd,the first one i did a $2400. lunch
from 2pm to 6pm so it helps if organized right