Rained here yesterday, customer came in and fell HARD.

We currently put mats down (of course he fell on the 10 inch area which didn’t have a mat)

Does anyone know of some kind of coating you can put down on floors to make them non slick?

As for the guy…he’s about 70 fell face first, nose was bleeding terribly, real nice man, demanded he still pay for food, called him about an hour later and he said you guys are great “kids”, you have nothing to worry about, don’t lose an ounce of sleep over this. I said if you need medical attention call me and let me know…he said I will call ya…next thursday to order another pizza, I got insurance if I need anything…I broke my nose 4 times as a youngster and so it just bleeds real bad, I’m fine.

We shall see, anyway never ever want it to happen again so looking for some kind of coating to put on tiles.



Make sure you put your insurance company on notice…Even if it never becomes a claim that is is important…If it appears to go away and 2 or 3 years later when the time the serve the “writ” is running out you are served you may find you insurance void…Most policies require you report as soon as you know about an incidence…If you wait, you may “predjudice” the investigation and covereage may be denied…

If you have ceramic tile there is a company called Trusty Step that sells a
chemical to treat your floor so it is slip resistant. Just google the name and
you’ll get to their home page.Good luck



Our shop faces west which is the prevailing side in winter for winds and driving rain. (believe it or not but Perth Western Australia is the 3rd windiest city in the world).

We have a double door opening about 7ft wide and have a floor mat 8ft wide x 3ft which has a non-slip rubber back. The carpet is waterproof. No matter how hard you try the mat won’t move an inch and the carpet won’t get soggy. Cost about $350 but worth every cent.

Removes all the chance of anyone having an accident.


Without admitting any fault, I’d kiss up to that guy big time. It was an accident and accidents happen.

Personal story: I got sick after eating at an Italian chain. It most probably wasn’t the fault of the establishment but something else. But I remembered eating there and getting nasty sick. I wouldn’t go back for over a year. Had they known about the incident and offered me a free meal (again, no fault or blame here), I’d have gone back sooner, probably had a good experience, and they’d have gotten a year’s worth of business out of me. When you do resolve the concern you have about the floor, make sure you personally let the guy know that you felt so bad about that experience that you did “x” to resolve that issue. Invite him back for a meal on the house, bring a few friends, and get him his favorite table.

I don’t want to use the word “spin” but you have the opportunity to turn this around as an opportunity to get more business. The damage (to the guy) is done… you can not fix that, but you can make him explode with goodwill.

Yes, definitely put your insurance on notice about the incident.

He may have his best intentions at heart…but once kids or grandkids hear of this, they may try to egg him into claiming a suit against you.

That happened with my sister. VERY MINOR rear end accident…they were fine, she almost totaled the front end of her car and the truck only had one scratch…assured her they would not claim, etc etc.

$6000 later and a host of “medical claims” later…it was all thanks to the grandkids who needed money…UGH

This might be too late, nonetheless somebody might get some useful info, Don’t forget to post warning signs. Every time it rains or the floor is wet, the area needs to be posted. Wet floor, or Don’t not enter. Keep a bucket and mop handy to pick up spills or dry off wet areas. The signs are available at janitorial supply or grainger.

Get cameras with DVR. It is a life saving expense. I am completly connected to all my shops. I can check in anytime.