Customer Pagers/Buzzers

Anyone out there using a Pager/Buzzer system for any reason? We’re adding Kiosks and have a lot of customers coming in for walk in orders. Some place the order and go elsewhere in the plaza (it’s a small retail plaza not a strip mall). Specifically looking into LRS equipment.

Any feedback?



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Itd be awesome if you could utilize the customers cell phone and just send them a text msg, the order is ready. A restaurant I went to did this to let me know my table was ready while I walked around Mohegan Sun

This is possible with them but $50/month

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How much will you lose in pagers that “walk away”?

It’s not really the $50/month I’m concerned about. It’s the process is too involved compared to just the pagers. Pagers are easier but have long term potential to be costly. The customers won’t get their food until they’re returned the pager that’s buzzing

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