Customer Preference - Round or Square?

Well I have to say, that was an intense string of comments on my “Cooking In A Convection Oven” post. I thought I might have to duck. But thank you all for your comments. On a different note, I was hoping to get a little imput from any of you who have had experience comparing the sales of round pizza verses square. I’m not talking about big thick Scicillian square, I just mean square, thin crust instead of round. Don’t get me wrong, I was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised on those big round NY pies, but here in Florida, I’m always looking for ways to tap into something different that might grab my market.

So I ask, do you think people might prefer a thin square pie over a round. Noting things such as, more crispy crust to grab, 20% more pizza (filling in the corners), etc. Of course, always putting the product first. I would appreciate any imput. Thanks


Are U Nuts?

as a volume operator, sq. pi’s won’t make the grade, due 2 production/time factor…ya, it may be “cute” but I can make more “dough” faster & in a more traditional manner w/a round pie…

although it may nice 2 “re-invent” the wheel, rarely will you be more or as successful as the original

We sell a square pan at Papa John’s.

It’s only successful at our location when we have a sale.

It’s got a great flavor, but the way it’s cut, people think they’re getting cheated over a traditional round pie.