Customer Service / Employee Training

I am trying to create a training program for existing and new employees and need guidance as to available resources to do that. The emphasis would be on customer service and creating a better employee (someone who comes to work ready to work).

We would like to have a video program supported by printed materials.

We have two pizza delivery stores (with some eat in – but no table service). There is approx 20 percent walk in – pick up business so there is a need to train “counter” employees to deal with customers face to face other than just the phone.But other than that, the bulk of the business is phone order for delivery. The program would be for both inside workers and drivers.

Can you recommend a program or materials that we can use? I’d like to get something that is geared as closely as can be for the pizza business.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. has a bunch of info but you must subscribe and not geared towards pizza but some good stuff none the less