Customer Survey

We are thinking about putting A Customer Survey on the box instead of our usual coupon. The survey will say something like return for $2 off your next order? any thoughts on this idea. Has anyone done it before? And If you could ask your customer anything what would you want to know?

I would ask: “What is the absolute most you would be willing to pay for one of our 16” cheese pizza; be honest". then I could find the limit I could push to for pricing. I would never asl that of the general customer group, though. Not yet.

I like the coupon idea for incentive to return the survey. I would give a fee add-on in my setup, but coupon discounts are quite viable and attractive in lots and lots of markets. I serously would ask about Quality, Consistency, Service Level, Appearance of Staff, Perveiced value of our meals, what one change would they make if they were the “Pizza Police” what one thing would they make sue NEVER changed.