customer tracking through POS questions.

We’re getting ready to switch our POS system from Digital Dining to Aldelo. We don’t currently track our customers through the POS (we do for Delivery) and I’m looking forward to changing this with Aldelo and I’ve got a few questions. I’ve played with the software and we have a dummy system set up in the shop to play with while they’re programming our menu and after looking at the reports and the setup it seems I need to take phone numbers for every order coming in to keep track of our customer base. Is that right? Do those of you that do this only track phone in orders? It would seem odd to ask a customer dining in or carrying out for a phone number. Am I missing something?

You can ask for a phone number if there is some incentive for your client to give it up…So have your POS track their purchases and give them a “reward” of some sort…Same with email addresses…And in my opinion do not give away stuff they will buy anyway…So the rewards should be logo gifts and/or food items that are not your main product…

I understand you, but my only issue is that I’m located in a tourist town and we’re in the heart of the tourist area. Through the summer months we serve thousands of tourists that walk in and eat and I’d be entering data that may only be used once or twice.

You should have options:

Dine-in Take-out Pick-up Delivery

You can specify the requirements – meaning whether or not a phone number is needed for each option.

Is that true for Point of Success??

you can define walk-in/carry-out/dine-in on P.O.S. - but it wan’t/can’t force to take a name…

pressing phone order will require a phone #…

I’d prefer it force to ask/take a name tho…must train employees to enter name…

In Point of Success, you can specify whether it is name only or goes by phone number.

If you go into office manager, then tools, and in the service types option, you can select the service type and change how it behaves. If you wanted a phone number for carryout, you would select the carryout type, then uncheck the customer name only box, and then select another type to save the change, and close the option.

yes, but that doesn’t “force” you to enter a name, just an option - it would be better to force the order-taker to aadd/ask 4 the name