Customers Drug Use

So I caught a customer using outside my store today and kindly let him know that he had to get off my property or I was going to call the cops… He left without arguement… then comes back a few hours later, acting biligerent and giving me the bird… wtf is wrong with people? He should have been happy I didn’t call the police… Instead he curses at us and flips us the bird? I did this guy a favor by letting him go… bah…

Maybe I’m a jerk, but I would’ve quietly called the police when I first saw him. I don’t want my customers having to walk by that kind of stuff, especially if they have children with them. Plus with my luck, the outside of my place would become the crack-scene hangout.

OK, JMHO, Ever hear of TOUGH love, not just for family! I understand your heart and empathy…Think of the possible variables here. How this person might be afftecting the community. If you have kids, you don’t want them to be involved in bad S***, so you really do not want customers to be either. I understand teetering on the fence, your diplomacy and empathy. Some of the biggest crossees to bare and tests in life are left to what we do to aid others…either the customer has TOTAL disresect for you, thinks you are e-z, OR IS CRYING OUT FOR HELP even though THEY DON’T KNOW IT. Tough situation…you did the best you can. You are the stronger one!!!

Was he a known customer? If he was a customer, I’d handle it differently than if he weren’t a customer. I’d also weigh the type of product he was using. It also depends on your personal politics. I tend to lean Libertarian on issues such as this (if it were simply pot). Assuming pot and a customer, a simple “I appreciate your business but I cannot allow drug use on my property” should have sufficed and probably have saved a negative reaction. If he were using something heavier, call the cops for a “drive by” explaining the reason. You don’t want them pulling up with lights flashing, but if they know what they’re looking for, they can “just happen upon it”. You escape being the bad guy AND the downside of having blue lights in your parking lot.

I am quite in the libertarian neighborhood as well . . . do what you choose as long as it does not infringe on MY rights. Using an illegal drug on my property is such short-sighted narcissism that I would consider the police intervention. Putting my business at risk of public scrutiny and negativism falls under infringing on my rights. It won’t matter, 3 days after the news hits the paper, whether I knew about it or not . . . I had drug use at my pizzeria.

FASTBREAKROB, I read what you did, and thought is was rather generous of you. Sure, the threat of cops would put someone off . . . but it worked. Drug users do not appear to be entirely noble and empathetic all the time. My experience of them is that they are rather self-focused and not prone to fits of appreciation when confronted. You will possibly end up with a reputation of knocking around drug users . . . good thing to have happen all around.

Police would have filed a report that documented that you had someone stop using drugs on your property. Good thing top have on file for future random bad luck :?

Nick, again, assuming pot, you’d risk blue lights in the parking lot? From the way I read the original post, the guy was OUTSIDE, either parking lot, sidewalk, whatever. If you catch the guy before the customers do, just nicely ask him to move on. If he’s not a customer, I’d probably give him less leeway. Overall, it he’s just hitting a doob AND responds positively to your request, the issue is resolved. If he comes back being a jerk, call the cops… public intoxication or something similar should be available. It’s like skateboarders… they’re a nuisance, but if they move on when asked to (and don’t come back doing the same thing) then live and let live. Dealing or more dangerous stuff is certainly worthy of a stronger reaction.

I think it is a matter of my local prevailing winds. I sit on the city council and operate in the center of town. If I saw him, so did someone else (and possibly one of my several enemies who have sworn a jihad). It would possibly be more harmful letting it go than to call police. Our officers won’t come with lights flashing for pot smoking anyway. They might just shoo him along if less than an ounce . . . but word will get out quickly that we won’t let it happen. Add to that the opportunity for our officers to gather info on a dealer, and I alert the officers when I find a public user.

Personally, if it were in their own car, or privacy of own home, then no harm gets no foul. Smoking grass in my parking lot and in center of downtown means that person lacks the sense god gave a 16" pizza. A previous restaurant in town lost a LOT of business when a crasher at a private New Year’s Party was busted in his shop for possessing 3 ounces of grass. Hatchet job in the local newspaper.

He was a decent customer (he spent money)… but he has caused trouble in the past… just bs arguements with the wait staff, etc… I’m pretty sure he was smoking pot… I don’t think he actually got off a hit… I caught him as he was going to light it… So I didn’t smell it… He was trouble anyway… but the biggest problem is that, I serve alcohol and thats automatic ABC visit if i would have called the police… Not that I’m violating any laws… but I’d just not rather deal with the BS… Also, if someone saw him or reported it then thats another nice ABC visit.