CUSTOMIZED Personal Pizza Box

We’re seeking vendors who can give us a great deal on large quantities of 7" Personal Pizza Box, w/ our 4- color Logo on it. Do you guys have any recommendations? The design will not fill the entire box. We’re thinking of just a plain white box, w/ our 3" Circle logo in the middle.

Thanks in advance my fellow pizza makers!

Do you use a distributor? The two box companies I deal with (Star & Bayline) will only work through my distributor (US foods) and not with me directly.

Also, 4 color may get kind of expensive. Rarely (in fact I’ll say never) have I ever saw a 4 color pizza box. Even the big chains limit their colors to just a couple. I’m not sure if having 4 color versus have 2 color will make a bigger impact to your customers… after all, they already bought your product.

Another idea for you is to get 4 color labels made and stick them on vanilla white boxes. Just a suggestion.

star only does 8 inch boxes…have you thought about stickers…
royce or gorilla card girl maybe able to give you a price has 7 x 7 x 2 in 2 styles…Clay Coat and Corrugated B-Flute Boxes…

Labels might work but unless you buy a bunch they might be pricey for full colour…

thanks all! We actually thought of stickers but it’s looking like we might have a vendor that can print it directly on the box.

just found out that star just added 7 inch boxes

thanks! would a cardboard type box be good enough? corrugated tend to be more expensive.