Was wondering what the process is to remove cuts and make smooth again. Wasn’t sure if you use sand paper or something else.
Thank you

I have not tried this so take it as hearsay. Clean it with coarse sea salt then use a heat gun to melt it back together.

You can buy a cutting board plane from webstaurant store:
It works, but it will take some elbow grease! There is also a cutting board whitener they sell that you can use, we have tried it and it works as well. Been awhile since we have done it though.
Daddio’s idea sounds like it might work though…

Dipping rags in bleach then laying them out to cover the cutting boards overnight will whiten them as well. You can spray on bleach too but the rags keep the boards wet overnight. I’ve refurbished (color at least) some real nasty prep table boards like this. We also do it every few weeks to keep ours bright.

I use corian counter tops. I had a customer cut me a piece from scraps they had. They dont show all the cuts and just need a good wipe down every so often I gave him a $40 credit for the cutting boards

I literally just tried using my random orbital sander on my cutting boards 45 minutes ago. it did work but took longer than I wanted it to… a year ago used a friends angle grinder with a sanding attachment on it…that worked well. but like the true animal that i am I took off the guard and ended up cutting myself a few times. I like the idea of bleaching and melting…may try that next.

We bleach ours when they get stained it works within minutes. We do this at the end of the night every few days. Works really well. Also I always bleach them after cutting raw chicken.

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