Cutting Boards Makeline

Is it necessary to use the cutting boards on makelines? We do not do any prep on the makelines. They are pain to clean, and we are an open kitchen and I like the look of all stainless steel.
I want to get rid of them, but want to make sure I am not making a mistake I do not know about.

My table has no cutting boards. Stainless steel from day one.

Yup…no boards here either. There is one on our salad prep table, but we never use it to do anything besides hold a bowl. One of the things our County health dept. inspector alerted me to before we even set up the kitchen was they were hard on the plastic cutting boards and on the prep line plastic boards.

No need for them… main use is they help keep your knives sharper longer.

Ours now collects dust. We had it installed upon opening and it just became one more thing to clean. Get rid of it! If you need to cut, get regular sized cutting boards.


None here… ever since the time we were removing it and carrying it to the dishroom and the corner caught an employee in the eye we got rid of it. It was bad!!! Never EVER again! She is fine now but it was scary…Her eye was beyond bad…hit her right on her eyeball. Ugh.

You should have no problem using the S/S surface.

We have never had a Health Department reject that option.

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