Czech Pizza????

I have a catering event coming up for a Czech Band that is coming to town. They would like to have me make a pizza that is somewhat Czech related. They have suggested using Klobosy Sausage, I am not sure of the spelling. I just wondered if anyone has come up with one before. I already google’d “Czech Pizza Recipe”, and was unable to find anything.

Could that be just a pronunciation of Kielbasa? That’s something you could pick up anywhere - a giant “link” looking sausage that you could slice and place on pizza. Kind of link linguica, if you used sliced linguica…

I have checked with the so-called czech experts and Klobasy is similiar to the polish sausage, but ethnically different, I guess the Czech tweaked the recipe.

I am finding allot of Klobasy, Cabbage(Sauerkraut), and Dumpling recipes, and I have found a couple of pizzaria’s in Prague that serve what looks like american pizza, with a few ethnic twist. They seem to use allot of Corn, in there pizza recipes.

sounds like you are doing good research…
if you were able to ask one of them what kind of pizzas they like, it may help…
from my foreign visitors, they like everything American when here…
you could score a good hit with “Czech” pizza though, I hope they are pleasantly surprised,

I would ask them what they like for “Czech Pizza” Ask about crust (thick, thin, pan), whether they prefer the sauce spicy or not, what type of toppings they like, etc.

Another thing is to look at this site, it’s from a pizzeria in Prague: … i_menu.pdf

If you zoom in on the pizza portion of their menu, I could make out most of what they’re describing for their pizzas, it sounds like it’s more traditional Italian style than what you’ve listed.

Sauerkraut is actually pretty good on a pizza paired with sliced bratwurst or Polish sausage - if you experiment with that, try going lighter on the pizza sauce & swirl some spicy mustard over it before the cheese. It sounds weird, but tastes pretty good, kind of an “Oktoberfest Pizza”

Our third biggest seller has smoked polish sausage, sauerkraut, onions, swiss cheese, mozzarella on a mustard sauce (mustard, mayo). I’ve substituted German Sausage from Genessee, linguica, even pepperoni, and its a hit. The mustard, sausage, kraut combo is just a perfect taste combination together.