D125 bakers pride

Any guess as to why i have to keep changing out my thermocouple every 6-9 months. I have a protective sleeve over it to help reduce heat fatigue on it. Seems as im changing out to often. Shouldn’t it last long ?? And yes it is an oem part

We have the same issue. We always keep extras on hand and can changing them out pretty quick. This been going on for YEARS, from what I’ve been told it has to do removing mercury from the updated part due to federal regulations. I would love to hear if someone can confirm this. 25 years ago they lasted forever.

That would make since to me

Yes the old red button safety valve used mercury. Now they use a magnet to shut of the gas if the pilot goes out. We run 60 year old blodgett 1000’s. The thermocoupler is the only thing that goes out - once a year or 2 - on these bullet proof ovens. Make sure your thermocoupler tip is immersed deep into the pilot flame. Also make sure you pilot flame is large enough and your gas to air mixture is right. You should see blue flame not orange. Often these issues make people think it is the thermocoupler when it is not. I have worked with these ovens for near 50 years and learned thermocouplers are a weak link due to the excessive heat the oven puts off. Keeping a few spare is a must. If one goes out during service I put on cutting gloves to help with the heat, and change change it in 5 minutes.

Yeah i have been keeping a couple in stock, just had to change out both top and bottom oven in last 3 days. I am also associating it with leaving my 1 main oven on all night, so now im implementing that both ovens get shut down at closing. B4 anyone slams me for leaving an oven on all night, i was advised that by a supplier of the stones as its not a shook to the stones with the fluctuation of turning oven on and off all the time. But back in the days 1980’s that was all good when the thermocouple had mecury, but now makes no sense to me to leave oven on all night as it cost me about 37 bucks ever 6-8 months switching out the thermocouple