Daddio, go to bed. LOL

You’re up too late. I thought I was the only one who sleeps 4 hours a night.

This is when I do my best thinking

Same here. Quiet. Kids are in bed. No noise.

Same here. Late night brain storming for me.

have you guys ever put coconut on a hawiian pizza?

No, but I do put spinach. Gives it a little color.

no, have you? If so, results?

This is the reason I love the pizza business. It’s an art. Your creation is your creation and just about anything goes.

I tried it with sweet and sour BBQ sauce it was one of those thing that just popped into my head while trying to take a nap. My staff thought I was crazy but now they are bugging me to put it on the menu.

Yeah, you know a true pizza guy when he goes home and… goes to the PMQ forum at 12:30 in the morning.

When I worked for Donatos in Ohio they put sliced almonds and shook cinnamon on their Hawaiian pie. Pretty darn good!

Speaking of cinnamon: Have you guys tried cinna-stix?

Who is selling it?

I am at my store. Those things go like crazy. We call them sWheat Stix, though (since we use wheat crust).

how are you making them?

Dude, it’s simple as Hell. Take a 10" dough patty, roll it out, dock it, and place it on a screen. Butter one side, sprinkle cinnamon on the buttered side. Fold it over, smash the edges down (or you’ll have Mick Jagger lips coming out the oven). Repeat. When it comes out of the oven, put some vanilla icing on top and in a souffle cup. Sell it for $3.99 all day long.

I’ll soon be selling cinnamon rolls, similar to the dominos dots. We already sell garlic rolls, will just use the bread, liquid margarine and cinnamon/sugar with a packet of icing. expect to sell 50+ order a day

I use a Kraft chicken and rib sauce and call it “tropic Hawaiian” its great!

Yup we sell lots of them. We use our 8" dough throw it in the oven for 2 min flip it for 2 more min spred butter on it and sprinkle with a cin/sugar mix and serve it with a creamcheese frosting