Daily meeting / huddle ?

Anyone successfully practicing a daily meeting / huddle with their staff?

I am trying to start doing it but would like feedback / advice on what is discussed, by whom and for how long? At what time (s)?

I have read in several places that it is vital to have a great culture and to improve morale and communication.

Make it short and sweet

I remember when I was a Store Manager in training with Sears Holdings, it was an every morning meeting at 7:45am before we opened at 8. Typically it was just a reminder for what every department had to do for the day. This wasn’t just management but floor employees as well. They could care less about what anyone said. Even management didn’t care what the store manager said.

To relate it to the pizza business, I’m not sure how you could possibly do this, depending on your setup. Usually when are night staff is coming in we are saying get in here, we’re getting slammed! Haha

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When I was in the restaurant business we had a 10 minute meeting every day before both the lunch and dinner shifts. We would discuss any specials, 86ed items, and any other possible issues that may arise during the shift,

I have 3-5 minute meetings every shift. Get everyone excited and set the expectation of great service. then discuss anything pertinent like specials or 86d items then something silly to relax everyone then pumped again. I find when you MAKE TIME for meetings they always happen and they foster good communication, otherwise shit festers.

i do a team meeting once a month. about 45 minutes long, i bring bagels and do some training, talk about upcoming events, give out prizes for monthly contests…basically, people love bagels!

We do a rundown on the days plans, what to expect, bulk or catering order that day and upcoming catering just to get everyone on the same page.

Most important for the way I manage my crew; Every single night they are all told that they did a great job, and thanked for their their stellar performance and constantly reminded that every person is just as important as the next.
. When we bring on new hires, the entire crew is part of the decision making process also. Performance is not everything in a busy restaurant, you also need to make sure there are no personality clashes.

A happy crew is a productive crew, My only problem is that the line between being an employer and a friend have been slightly blurred, but that line is still there

Thanks to all for the ideas and experiences, I’ll start and experiment see what works, if anyone is using new media tools like facebook, hangouts or periscope, I’d like input as well on how you are doing it,