Daily Pizza Volume?

Ok everyone… I am working on some daily estimates for pizza sales and have been doing some research on my local competition and looking at national numbers…which by the way help nobody in my opinion… will you guys fill me in on what size towns you are servicing, how many other pizza joints you are working against, what your daily numbers are in just pizza going out, and also what kind of pies are you making… ie: thin, thick, deep… I wish I could just get the contract to sell the $60 thin crust 14" only cheese pizza’s at the new stadium down in Texas. :smiley:

I bet the operator selling the $60.00 pizzas only gets a few $$$s after the Dallas Cowboys take their cut…

I’ve seen those deals before. They ain’t makin hardly anything – if anything for the time involved. Its just about exposure.

I service 7000 houses with three other shops to compete against.
I make an average of 330lbs of dough per day six days a week.
I use 240lbs average for pizza.
90lbs for other items.
So I guess that would be about 200 to 250 pizzas each day.

Ok I think I need to clarify something before your all start to think I am really one of the guys stuck out in right field here… I was joking about the stadium contract! Trust me I am well versed in how stadium contracts and the inner workings come together as my uncle is general manager of non-baseball operations at US Cellular Field in Chicago for the White Sox. Quite a nice job… His office is a converted skybox and when they won the World Series he actually got a ring to go with it. The Sox did it right too… unlike a lot of the other operations that give the players and coaches one ring and all the other guys smaller rings and the really smaller guys nothing… the White Sox gave all the important people in the establishment the real deal. It’s an impressive ring…just too big to wear. :shock: But back to the point…I was joking!

Thanks Pizza… those numbers seem pretty good for the size market you are in. Hey a follow up for you… what kind of pizza are you making…by that I mean does your town support paying a little more for a lot better product or are they really just looking for pizza at the best price?

i would love to hear from others.

i can tell you that where i work, we probably only do about 130 pizzas a day. these are “premium” pizzas for people looking for quality.

we are in a town of about 25,000 (population, not sure of the household number), in upscale suburb of NYC with at least 8 other pizza choices in town. high density population.

part of my concern is always… how much pizza can i expect to sell upon opening?

Thanks PJ… It’s good to hear you selling the quality… that is what I am getting into and like everyone else you have to be careful to draw the line where you can still get the customers and not be so overpriced that the shy away. My immediate market…say within 5 miles of my local is probably about 25-30000 people that are in the upper middle class to upper class level of incomes. A lot of white collar engineers and marketing types on this side of town. The entire metro area is about 130,000 within say a 10 mile perimeter. I would not think of opening on the other 3 sides of town with the type of product I wish to offer. I have one major competitor that has 3 locations to deal with. He sold off 2 of the units years ago…the original does very well and the other two are a split. One is doing ok and expanding a menu and the other is like a hobby and not doing well for the owner. The original is about 3-4 miles away and the other 2 are both 5 plus miles out. So i feel good about that.