Daily Specials

Hey Everyone,
I’m looking to have permanent daily specials ie. 2 pie deals etc. My most popular ones are All You Can Eat Pasta for 6.95, and All You can eat Pizza for 5.95. I’m thinking a two pie deal for sure, and looking for a couple more. Anyone wanna share their most popular “permanent” daily specials? Thanks.


We have a few on our menu
2 large from our regular range for $28.50 ( normal costs from this range are $15 and $16). 3 large for 41.50 or 2 family size for $38. Savings of around 10%
We also do bundle deals of 1 large pizza, garlic bread and 1.25lt for $21.50 or $25.50 for a family size. Again a 10% saving.
As the majority of our sales are in multi pizzas we factor the 10% discount into our original pricing so we are not losing the full 10%.
Any extra toppings are extra charge as are pizzas from our premium and gourmet range.
I would prefer not to have any deals but it is the way the market is done here so we have to work with it to our advantage whilst looking to be the good guy to the customer.
When we took over the store the inherited pricing on deals had discounts around 20% and we have slowly pegged them back each new menu print.


I’m in the opposite boat, I wish to get rid of my daily specials, but customers have become so accustomed to them we are finding it to be impossible.

So if I could offer a suggestion, drastically change your daily specials every 3 to 6 months, so you don’t fall into our rut. If you don’t plan on doing that, dollar’s off a paticular items ($1.00 off large pizza) will work the best for you, because even if you raise your menu prices this special remains the same.

make sure the specials you choose fit into the production of your kitchen-- in my situation, I would never offer a sub special on a friday, because that is a busy day and subs do take more labor time to prepare.

and in answer to your question----Pizza and Wing combo is very popular.


Why not just raise the price of the special? We have two specials that I believe the owner has had since he opened over 15 years ago. When I first started working for him the price was $20.99 now they are both up to $24.99 and I really haven’t noticed any negative backlash to the change in price of the specials.

I agree with gbomb. Our main special for the past dozen years has been a Medium 1-topping pizza, an order of breadsticks and 2 fountain drinks for one price. Over the years we have raised the price repeatedly.

It started out as the “Crazy 8 Deal” - $8.00 tax included (free delivery). A few years later, went to $8.00 + tax. Then up to $8.88 tax included, and finally $8.88 + tax over the course on the next few years. Realizing that having the price in the name of the deal was a problem, we changed the name to the “Crazy Aver’s Deal” and raised the price to $9.99 tax included. The following year, it became “plus tax” and the year after that we added on a $.99 delivery fee. A few years ago, we raised the price to $10.99 + tax & delivery. Last year, we added 2 FREE cookies to the deal to defend a flanking-maneuver-via-desserts by a main competitor… and also because we are stupid.

We would raise the price again this year, except that one of our competitors has slashed $2 off the price of his deal and rumor has it that another is considering doing the same… because they are stupid also, but with a hint of really dumb thrown in for flavor.

Every price increase is accompanied by a slight decrease in volume. I think we sell about half the deals at $10.99 that we did a dozen years ago at $8.00, but the deal contributes more to the bottom line now and the lower volume is also easier to staff and handle - more money, less work. Let your customers get into a routine and most will not depart from it for a buck or two.

They do get raised when we do raise menu prices but we get more dissatisfied remarks and grief with the special prices going up than we do with the menu prices. For some reason they can remember 20 cent wings and pizza and wing special being $12.99----yep that was 15 years ago. :roll:

Sorry about being off topic but you gotta tell me how you make a profit off “all you can eat” pizza for $6. I’ve got friends who can easily put a whole large pizza away themselves.

I get a great response from $8.99 12" pizzas on Sundays. I’d say 75% of people order multiple pizzas or add on side items.

Indie, is that $8.99 12" CHEESE pizza special price? Lordy, the difference a market makes. My menu price for a 12" cheese is 8.65 and an irritation to some of the customer base.