Daily Specials

Anyone out here that is just a small mom & pop place have specials that you only have on certain days then run different specials every month?, We have had certain specials that we run every single day of the week for the last 10 or so yrs, and for the last 5 yrs we have been running monthly specials different form the daily specials. I want to change that & just run monthly specials, because lately in the last few yrs we have been getting alot of customers wanting to get say our Wednesday special on Sunday, or our Friday special on Monday. Whats anyones opinion on just having 1 set of specials run monthly, its also been get confusing to our employees over the last few yrs with 2 different set of specials

I believe you will run into the same problem monthly then. Say you run a pizza special for the month then some of your customers will say “oh I was hoping you had a wing special this month” Have you considered keeping your daily specials and offering a new limited time item every month? Sometimes a new product will be enough incentive to bring in more customers without having to offer a discount at all

Well I was going to run 5 or 6 differnet specials through out the month, something a little different in each. Yeah I have tried to run a “New item” specials of the month to get new takers, like I added a philly cheese steak special new to the menu it went over really well for the first 2 yrs, then it just fell off, heard alot of good things about it, but ??? I havent a clue as to what happened. Then ran a new special to add brownie bites, but no takers, it was like the parents were against giving their kids a snack with their pizza, seems like from what Ive seen over the yrs, my customers are just interested only in pizza salads, & brd sticks, although we do have a great lasagna dish that I have possibly about 55 or so customers raving about, but yeah trying to add new items is like pulling teeth in my area. So thats why I was just going to shake it up a little and eliminate the daily specials & just run with monthly specials

a few years ago we started doing monthly specials,usually for 20 bucks max.we have RARELY run into the problem of someone wanting a different months special.I think your issue would be mostly solved this way. we also run buy a 16 inch get a free (skimpy)9 inch 1 topping alongside our monthly special,except weekends.