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With everything going to “record prices” I am forced to once again raise my prices, I am a little worried as I am considered that highest price pizzeria around. I constantly see post, “Excellent food, a little pricey but its great” plus I have a Marcos, Dominoes, Papa Johns and Pizza hut littering the neighborhoods with extreme discount pizzas. Its as they see blood in the water and they are going to bounce…
So for years I have always did the .99 rule for instance a large cheese pizza is 11.99. Do I jump all the way to 12.99 or is 12.49 OK? Somewhere I read that a lot of people have the "perception that 12.49 and 12.99 are the same. I have not stooped down to cheap pizza…yet, but I do a lot of bundle coupons. I am going to try to focus a lot to some pasta meals. and all my "special pizzas will be with chicken.

Competing with chain bottom feeders is always rough, how long can they continue to under bid everyone?

Record prices! that is almost an understatement

The cost of Bone-in Pork Butts have more than doubled in the last 12 months.

Focus on marketing your unique pies while the chains charge accordingly for theirs. People that want a Crab Rangoon pizza are going to expect to pay more for the quality, while those that willing to choke down a $5 “cardboard delight” weren’t ever going to try one of your signature pizzas anyways.

We just raised prices by .30 to 1.00 depending on the size/build of the pizza (and with cheese where it is currently, that just puts us somewhat behind instead of massively behind). I like to have the prices end in 9’s, but since our Signature pizza prices are based off of the build-your-own prices we actually only have one size of one pizza ending in .99 right now.

Raise prices just enough that customers notice, but not so high as to make them back out of the purchase. “A little price resistance is a good thing,” someone once told me. Where do you think your customers would begin to balk at a new 14" cheese pizza price?

Thank u Very much!