dangerous area

delivering beer
help me find the problems here
I am considering delivering beer
customer calls ask for pizza and beer, I give them the number of the liquer store next door. they call in their order and PAY them with the credit card. we pick up and deliver (we make NOTHING ON THE SALE)
This will generate a lot more sales especially at the hotels
how do i check local laws?
where are my liability points
ps all my drivers are over 21

It is illegal in most states to deliver alcohol. Contact the state ABC and ask them about it. I found this via a google search. This makes it sound like it is ok to deliver, but not for you to do it.

http://www.in.gov/legislative/ic/code/t … 3/ch5.html

Call the state agency that regulates alcohol . . . the ones you have a license through. Ours is in GA is Department of Revenue - Alcohol & Tobaccco Division. Call their agents and ask them for info and reference laws to support their info. The ones here in GA are quite helpful and work with us to be sure we don’t commit felonies :shock:

i just looked into the same thing at my place
we have carry out licensing.wanted to start del of beer.
all i did first was ask the city for del of beer,they said NO,so that takes care of that idea…you should start at this point,and get more info from your city,if they say NO,you wont have to waste anymore time than needed

chances are you are breaking the law, delivering beer w/someone’s else’s license…

we had/delivered beer, but it never was a big part of our profit picture

not worth the hassle…or the risk…even if legal, and they drink/drive/crash you can be held liable (dram shop laws)

Ya if losing a pair of pants is worth $65 million I would hate to see the lawsuit for a drinking driving death if you supplied the booze…


I wouldn’t even consider it.

Wow. How in the world does the liquor store verify that the peson purchasing the beer is 21?

I’d bet that telephone orders of beer is against the law.


The delivery service I use is licensed for liquor sales but they pay dearly for that license. In order to get a license they must get security checks for all their employees and pay a bond fee. The penalty here for delivering without a license is $5000 for the driver and $10,000 for the employer. Not worth the hastle IMHO.