Database mailing respose rate

I’m looking for some idea of a response rate others have gotten on database mailings. I’ll be sending out custom Christmas cards with a $10 gift certificate to every unique mailable address that has ordered delivery in the past 90 days. What kind of a response would be expected on an aggressive special like this?

I know you’ve spent a bundle on your postcards, but have you see those plastic postcards w/the detachable “gift” type card? Pricey @ best, but something folks can keep in their wallet like/with their credit cards would seem to increase the redemption rate…even a regular plastic card. sans post card would I think increase redemption %

I’ve been looking, but I’m on a another focus currently (Facebook, door hanging, & on-line orders)

For our regular monthly database mailings we received 4.5 to 5.75% for the past three months.

We did mass mailings for free pizzas that brought in now more than that as well.

We’re in a highly saturated market as well.

If you gave an expiration date…I would be prepared. I don’t think it is like a postcard mailing. It is more personal and people are going to use it. You want to give top notch service and marketing follow up.

Good Luck to ya…I can’t wait to see how it goes.

You gave me an idea a few weeks ago when you first started talking about it. We are going to send a free 10" cheese pizza to all the kids in our birthday club, coloring contest club. We will have a expiration date and hope to see an immediate response. I will be mailing postcards (inexpensive ones I make on the computer and just have copied and cut) It will only be .31 cents to print and mail. A little Christmas surprise for them and I hope us! :lol: :lol:

I have gotten well over a 30% response over time when mailing free pizza letters to complete neighborhoods. I am a bit concerned that since these are being mailed to only people in my database that have ordered recently that the response rate may become overwhelming. I mailed 400 out yesterday that will hit tommorow and I’m going to mail another 1000 out tommorow to hit tuesday and 500 more to hit wednesday. I plan on mailing 4500 before the holidays but these first ones are being mailed to the student areas and need to be mailed right away to be recieved before they leave for winter break. The rest I can spread out over a couple weeks. The $10 gift certificates expire 1/31/10. Should make for an interesting month This week has already been my second busiest week of the year. Hopefully these Christmas cards make December a record month despite being closed on a Friday(Christmas day).

Were these good right away?..Can you change them to make them good Jan 01 to Feb 28 10?

Whoa dude. First database mailer with a huge offer? What were you thinking? Something like that is fine for a month like February, but in December? You are going to get your as handed to you, and not in a good way.

I am sure you will learn from experience here. Just staff up, prep, up and prepare to get your doors blown off. You might want to print up apology letters or $3 off post cards now to cope with the service complaints.

On average, I see first time mailers (any mailers, $3 off or free side menu item) pull in the 30% range. A $10 gift cert is going to pull stronger. If you can, delay as many of those mailers as you can until the beginning of the year. Jan is a slower month, and that kind of aggressive marketing will really help your sales. Sure, packing it into your biggest month will increase sales incrementally, but at what cost to service?

Well, I know Paul & his one-armed pizza man can handle the rush he created, as his operation is all about speed & production…he’s not a “small” operator by any stretch of the imagination…

I would be curious tho, to see/hear more about the letter you included w/the card…

We’re getting ready to door hang & I might do a Christmas card thing to a new carrier route…

Wondering if I could better tie it into our on-line blitz…

Patriot, I already dropped one at the Post Office for you and a few others from this board this morning. If anyone else wants to see one, PM me your address. I’m a bit worried about the response from this, but I’m pretty sure we can handle it. I have never done a database mailing so I’m interested to see the response. I’ll keep posting here how it goes. I’m hoping for a record month but even more so, some long term sales increases.

Hey Paul, I track my mailings very closely. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results that you will recieve mailing to your own data base (be careful you may become addicted to it). The biggest mistake operators make is that they have this gold mine of valuable information and never use it. That being said ,when I mail to my database I generally get 18-29% response over several months(depends on the offer). You have a very generous offer so expect a great response. But mailing 4500 pieces even if you got a 50% response(highly unlikely)that would be 2250 responses spread out over 6 weeks(about 375 orders per week). Just remember that the response will be huge at the beginning then slowly fade. Its great that you are feathering them out and not dropping them all at once. From what Patriot says and by your many postings I know you are a sharp operator. Be well staffed and enjoy the ride. Keep us posted on your response. Also if you can pm me one of your pieces I would appreciate it.

Pizza Tony I think a bigger mistake than not using data collected is to not collect data…Next to pizza equipment a POS system is a must…But many operators think they can live without it…But they fail to realize how much potential profit they are leaving on the table by waiting too long to invest in a POS system…And not having data to work with…

Chiming in,
OK, so I’m doing a full folded menu mailing to entire delivery routes. I’m using my printers permit with his permission (And hefty print order) so my cost on mailing is 14 cents a pop. I did a buy 1 get 1 offer valid 1 per month through April. My thought was to get them to pin it on their boards to use my coupons through the slow months. I can choose how many routes each mailing, all I need to do is fold as many that is on each route and bring them to the post office. I’m looking at my route #s and they are in the mid 500’s. Is my best strategy to mail 500 or 1 route per week and disperse them through January? I would be mailing a total of 3665. December stinks for us so I may start next week. Good thread.


Hanah, did you do a MDL as well or just the menu? I see it as you are already paying for the postage may as well do the letter as well, or am I too old school?

Passion sometimes you can try and do too much at 1 time…Sure you save on postage but sometimes it lower the returns so you may not end up with the most profitable result…

Agreed, and thanks.

I also think a few different versions od an mdl can be in a rotation, just to keep it personal ya know?

I’m really tired, MDL? Cant’ think what that stands for, I know I should :oops:

MDL = Million dollar Letter. Essentialy a letter, a personal letter, with an offer, a hook, a story, an expiration deta and testimonials. With some well place BOLD words, Itali words, underline words and buzz words… it works VERY well.

That sounds great! Well this is my next attempt to start another stream of promotion. If my response is good I will do the MDl in Fall! I just implemented the birthday cards this month too, trying not to spam but people seem to like the deals, and we’re full. I think by sending the menus directly will answer questions of people who think we sell Cuban food. (The banana I guess) Thanks man. :mrgreen:


HAHA, whats the name of your store?

Hannah Bananas, you can visit my website on the globe :smiley: