Date Usage for Employees

Our new version of our POS has customer order routing and a GPS tracking device. In order to use this feature the employees will log into an app which will in turn use up some of their data. How would you compensate them for this?

All the third party delivery service drivers have to deal with this. Its just part of the job now. Its not that much, maybe a couple GB a month. If you want you could add .05 cents a delivery. 400 runs a month would be another 20 bucks, that would cover it.

I heard a guy at Pizza Expo that said he did $20 a month for part timers and $40 a month for full timers. Sounded like a good deal for the drivers. Pays like half their bill.

What POS system are you using?


Keep us posted on how it works out for you. I’m sure all the systems will offer this feature at some point in the future.

No compensation . It’s understood beforehand that it’s required for the job. If they’re not making enough money to pay $5 a month for extra data , then they don’t belong there.

These apps don’t drain that much data .

Do they want you to pay for their cell phone also?

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I love this idea.

we have Foodtec which also has this feature with its DeliveryIQ app which is a huge help to the store and to the drivers. Yes it does use minimal data but the gratuity feature where customers often add a 20% gratuity more than makes up for any out-of-pocket expense. I did get a bit of pull back in the beginning but the drivers have all gotten on board after they saw their tips increase…no need to reimburse in my opinion

Did you get any problems from your drivers when you asked them to download this on their personal phone?

Everyone around here has unlimited data. No issue.

Grasso , I have the foodtec system like famous does.

This very important feature allows us to become more efficient. I know exactly where my drivers are whenever on the road and helps me make runs for their return. I make it clear if they are going to horse around on the road or make pit stops , they are gone.

I have to ask, why are they giving you a hard time about this?

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Here is an example, if driver stops anywhere else or for a long period of time , I will know. .

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They are concerned that the GPS feature could be used even if they are not on the clock. These are just initial concerns, the feature hasn’t even been introduced yet.

It’s only active when you are clocked in. If they app is closed, it doesn’t log anything .

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last time I checked I was the boss and I make the rules so no problems here…seriously though I told them to give it a chance and I think you will really like it…we have had it since it was introduced years ago and all my drivers LOVE it!

you just became one of my favorite people here!

Yeah… because with all my free time… gonna spend it checking where they are on their nights off. Not that I even could but… really?

Wait Prism by Microworks has this now? I need to call my sales rep asap

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Not yet. It’s in the 8 build functionality but it hasn’t been released yet.