Day 3 finally open !

8 month buildout behind us and were open, full house all three days, we are providing terrible service due to servers being at the computers messing with the POS order system, using Point of success, how long is the learning curve ??? Kitchen running great, people love the pizza !!!

Congratulations that sounds really exciting! All new restaurants always struggle with service. It’s going to take at least a few weeks for you to hit any kind of a rhythm. It’s just going to be a constant series of adjustments to get to where you want to be. I always liked to do pre shift meetings to talk about the last service and what you’d like to focus on that evening. Rember no one ever says The food was terrible but the service was great will have to go back there again. So as long as your food is solid customers will give you time to sort out your service. Hope that Was helpful I wish you guys the best.

Point of success is pretty easy to use. If the menu is set up well, a fairly intelligent person should be able to muddle through putting in an order with a few minutes training, and get fast at it with a week or two of practice.