DC Capitol Steps Rally

Headed to DC in the morning, if anyone else is going give me a PM so we can meet up. I’ll check my mess in the morning then delete this thread. Good night

I will be there with you in spirit!

What is the rally about…I am actually in DC and supposed to take a capitol tour around lunchtime…

The members are no longer paying attention to phone calls and e-mails from the people. Michele Bachmann a rep from Min. has stated this and requested that any person that can make show up at the capitol today and seek out their elected representative and speak to them face to face. Sort of a rally and a peacefull seige. Just so they know there is real opposition to this healthcare scheme.

Here is a link to some info.


You can delete threads?

The real question is, who is going to sell pizza slices to them all?

That’s a lot of hungry people!

LOL. Now you are thinking!

Perhaps pepperoni rolls in an easy to hold wrapper. Bet they would sell crazy good!