So is this what Christmas eve is like for everyone? Or does it pick up in the afternoon? after 1:00 and only 2 orders :frowning:

yeah me 2 closing very early like now :frowning:

This is my first xmas in business…didnt know what to expect…this is painful.
I’ll be closing early im sure

Very busy should of had more help on, little after 2:00 p.m.and starting to slow down, closing at 3:00. Merry Christmas to all and all a good night. :smiley:

Finally starting to pick up.

We tried lunch, got one order, doing a little better for dinner. we’re closing at 7pm like the businesses around us.

Have a great holiday everyone…may all your wishes come true and may the new year make you all millionaires.

Lunch was better than our average Monday.

Dinner is slloooooowww. Closing in 1 hr. 5 mins. 24 secs. (8pm)

closed at 5 about like a sunday

For us it was a mad house, starting Sunday when we did our biggest ever Sunday with $1,900+, of course with 2 staff down. Ended up with $12.6K for the week the first time we have vere done $12k and about $750 over our best ever week.

Christmas Eve we advertised we would close at 9pm sharp (opened normally at 5pm), with last orders at 8.40 and delivery last orders at 8.15.

Sold out of made upbases within 1.5 hours and got my daughter to come in and roll up another 20. These lasted 3 minutes. The phones rang so hot that the counter girl and a driver just sat there taking orders. When we tallied them up we didn’t have enough dough so we had to call them back and say sorry we can’t make them. Also lost about another 25 orders where we had to tell people we had sold out of everything.

In all we did $1,420 in 3 hours with me on the make bench 2 drivers trying to deliver, answer the phone and paste up for me and the counter girl doing evrything include help me make during phone / counter breaks.

To top it off it has been unbelievably HOT which has driven people in as it’s been too hot to stay indoors and cook.

For us Santa has well and truly come.


Typical X-mas eve for us. 2K at our slice location and about $1300 at the delco. The rest of the week will be nuts. Starting Wed we should be doing 2500 to 3500 a day at the slice location and 3000 to 4500 at the delco. I am expecting a 40,000 week. Biggest day should be next Sat where I expect to do 8K combined.

We had a nice week…$17k in sales.

I was scheduled off tonight (huge surprise), and no one called me in…so I can only assume that it must have been slow.

I did drive by and saw nothing on the screen when I did pass.

I think he planned on closing at 8 p.m. tonight.

We had already decided to close at 8. Order wise for lunch was slow but we did sell almost $500 worth of gift certificates. As far as dinner goes we were busy almost up to closing,I had to call my son in to give us a hand.

We had a steady lunch and were busy fstarting at 4pm we closed at 7pm up about 30% over a regular monday!


Are you near lots of shopping centers? How many gift cards did you sell for the season? I’d love to see $500.00 in gift card sales in one day!

day after christmas … not dead but not our regular tuesday… we did only 700 till now maybe another 200 …ill be happy if so

Well we are actually in one,then there is a shopping center across the highway. At last count we had sold 87 gift certificates.