deaf scam again

just had the call from the deaf relay person trying to order 150 cheese pizzas my employee came and got me i hung up on them so they are recirculating again

They had me on the phone for a half hour once. I thought it was a real order. What a bunch of scammers dont waste your time.

I had a deaf guy come in one day, he introduced himself and placed an order. A couple of days later he called using the relay. So sometimes these calls can be legitimate.

So now I do wait, but I start the conversation off with that we do not take credit cards over the phone and usually they hang up. What really annoys me is the first scam call I got I told the operator that this is a scam, and he replied that he could not talk to me. which leads to the question is it really going through a relay or is it somebody pretending to be the relay----if that’s the case the number is coming up on ID.

We used to get relay calls on a daily basis. They were a pain and the relay person is not suppose to be part of the conversation only type what is said. Now with online ordering I cant remember the last time I got one.

I’ve decided I’m taking the next one I get.

I’ll put a bunch of empty boxes on the warmers and have a envelope full of “cash” for the “delivery person”. Then I’ll tell them that we’re finishing up the order and it will be just a couple more minutes.

Local PD is only half a block away. :twisted:

indie the thing is they want you to western union it to “thier delivery people” so you never see them

They had my partner going one day while I was out of the country. Unfortunately these guys cost me 20$ worth of minutes on the phone w my place. Realistically the police dont care. We called them, its an offshore thing and they have no control.
We actually had an operator that came out and said
“im not supposed to be talking to you but this goes on all day here, just hang up”