Dealing w/ an impossible landlord

How do you deal with an impossible landlord, who thinks that nothing that goes wrong with his building is his fault and when I have to pay for fixing things like broken plumbing pipes that was broke prior to me moving in, and now wants to threaten me by an eviction, I believe is just because Im a female…
So how do you deal with it?

buy the building or move

If I could afford to do so I would move. He would want way to much money for the building, its a plaza

Keep good records and invest in an attorney. Your lease should clearly state what is your problem and what is not. An attorney can help you.

Don’t wait until your problems get too big…in the meantime save save save so if you need to move you can.

What is his reasoning for even bringing up an “eviction”??? All because you expect him too pay for the upkeep of the plaza he owns? I would consult an attorney sooner than later. His theats of eviction for unjust cause might hold some ground if you want too persue it. You lease and legal advice will be your best step to take. :idea:

Just a thought…has he used the threat of eviction in the past? If so…and I am not a lawyer… but I would see if you could file against him for putting unjust pressure on you as a client and how it has effected your ability to work their and then move and stick him with the relocating expenses. He wants to be an a$$ then stick it too him!

I have 1 of these lovely landlords myself. Problem is, i signed a lease which stated what my % was for cam, maintenance & other charges.

I have a real problem when the cam, Maintenance, snow plowing is ridiculously inflated to gouge money out of all the tenants…

We are seeking the advise of an attorney today. It states in our lease we are only responsible for what went on at the beginning of us moving in, “NEW BUILDING”. He has mentioned eviction in the past, only because we was no later than 1 week late on rent. I was told by many township officals, that he went with the lowest of minimum standards of getting the plaza passed on inspections during contruction. We have 2 years left on our lease & believe me, we will move when the lease is up…Just very stressful having to deal with such a male p.g, who thinks so low of women and that we are stupid. Ive been in this business for 30 years and have never came across a person as him.

Quickly you need to get an emergency fund in place. Minimally, a month’s rent. I would do whatever it takes to get it saved even if it requires more time (and trust me I know you don’t have a lot of extra but it is TEMPORARY) and or helping get it in place with personal funds. You cannot be late on rent…period. Same with taxes so if that is becoming a problem know it is vital you go ba**s to the wall to get some savings in place for emergencies.

What you will find is there is a bit of peace in having some cash even if it just a little. Issues become an inconvienence rather than a disaster.

Check out if you want some motivation or help getting a plan together.

How nice will it be when the landlord pulls his cr*p and you have some more of your ducks in a row.

Good luck to ya and great job getting an attorney. Either way 2 years comes quick…get ready!