dealing with Checks

has anyone stopped thaking them? and why?
how did cutomrs react to it?
did you notice a drop in Orders?
im thinking about stopping just becouse some ***bags know the system and thake advantege of it .
it seem that if i get a bad one its always $30+ and than they dont wanna pay the fees only the check value .
So im getting fed up with that.
Prossecution wont do anything and thakes longer than its woth.

Yes, we stopped taking them. Most customers completely understand and have no problem paying with a debit card. Some customers fly off the handle and go into rages because you don’t accept checks. Those are probably the ones that were going to bounce it.

Some people will tell you that the increased credit card discounts will offset the value of the bounced checks. We’ve found that to be false. Like you, most of the bounced checks we received were over $30, sometimes well over, and we usually got at least 2 bounced checks per week. If EVERYBODY that was writing checks to us switched to a credit card it still came nowhere near the money lost on bounced checks.

Checks should be done as far as a form of retail payment. Everybody that has a checkbook can get a debit card. In our area, there are only a handful of stores that even accept checks anymore.

We opened about 4 months ago and have never taken them. We only get maybe 1 request a week from someone who writes a check and they’ve all be OK with cash or credit/debit card. We do make exceptions for churches & schools with large orders (anything over $40) to take checks from them. It’s not a problem for us.

I really really wish banks would just do away with personal checks, I hate them. They are a pain in the ass. You gotta get all the info and hope the person writing the check has enough money in their account to cover it.

dont take them…we take credit cards and have never looked back after not taking checks…of course regulars, local businesses, and local organizations are ok to write checks if they like

We stopped taking checks on delivery only, for the same reasons everyone has mentioned. Customers all understand, and are perfectly willing to use their debit card. However, we do take checks on pickup and dining room, because we use an electronic scanner that converts the check into a debit on their checking account immediately. Again, all the customers understand, and we are left with no bounced checks. Your credit card processor has the check scanning system. I think we pay about $.25 per checks processing fee.