Dealing with Sexual Harassment Allegation

Thanks for a thoughtful response.

Im leery, cause this is the RESTAURANT biz…FULL of people who are here becasue they’ve FAILED in so many other professions. Not all, but most. Its by far (according to a few studies I’ve read) the profession hit with drug addiction. Turnover is ridiculous, pay is generally low…and its NOT considered a “real job” by many.

With over 300 employees, and in business for 20 years or so, I’ve yet to be sued also…BUT, the threat was there several times, and ALWAYS by individuals who ended up being LESS than stellar human beings. ANd ALWAYS after some type of reprimand from a manager. I don’t step in between staff to staff dating, simply management. No dating, no asking for dates, no facebook, no going out with staff. Its really to protect MANAGEMENT as well as us, cause IF a lawsuit starts, it gets costly…and who wins when that happens…USUALLY?? The big “rich” owner…or the big bad mean manager…or the petite crying, ruined employee??

I applaud your stance. I just can’t go along.

But, again, thank you for your response.