Debate Nights

I am considering putting “Order Pizza for Tonight’s Debate” on our swinger sign by the road. I have always tried to stay away from politics with the customers and not would not allow signs for any candidate put up around our store, but I had a number of people last Friday mention they were getting pizza for the debate and some were having people over for a viewing party.

Would you put this up or offer debate night deals?

We may this time. So much uncertainty played on the last one that we didn’t do anything with it. It could be a total bust, but it figures into our brand of being active in community and promoting election participation . . . not politics. We want people to know we are in favor of getting involved in all levels of election and governmental awareness.

We may print off the stuff PMQ propagated to see if it flies.

How about running specials for each of the parties.

6 lge pizzas for $50 for the Democrats and 1/2 dozen lge for $50 for the Republicans.

See if you get any bias complaints. :wink:


Acknowledging the debates is one thing. You’re not injecting your own political views into it (and shouldn’t – no need to polarize customers or potential customers). It’s no different in my mind than doing a “big game special”.

Large Double-Pepperoni, Double-Cheese for $10. It may not be a healthy debate, but it sure tastes good.

Now THAT is a great idea!

I think the gist is to treat it from a non-partisan POV. Spin it that you are promoting voter participation.

Great idea; we’re going to try something like this now.

Business for the last debate was horrendous. We’re primarily dine-in, so when people stay home for something our business goes into the tank.

“Don’t sit at home in front of the TV, eat here and I’ll lie to you for free”

Watch the Master Debaters at our place!

Buy Our Pizza – a bailout plan everyone enjoys!

We are having our leaders debate in Canada tonight as well…However, it seems most folks (by a 3 to 1 margin) will be looking south…It seems what goes on down your way has more effect on our economy that the “clowns” we elect here…

I saw a poll that ask US debate,Canadian debate or CSI and CSI was in first place.


“Don’t sit at home in front of the TV, eat here and I’ll lie to you for free”[/quote]

Now this is funny…sad but true and funny too!