Debit or Credit

Okay Guys I know this has been beat to death on here but who is using who for processing I am not happy with his company Charge it Pro I got my first statement and paid 3.48% for my 1st month of processing

paid 197. for 5659.00 processed ouch I feel violated

Thanks Dennis

What was the average transaction amount? That can wildly swing your overall rate because of the swipe charge.

$20 avg

I’m using Heartland and paying cost plus 6 cents. Still works out to 2.9% or so but nearly all of my transactions are keyed. My local bank offered me cost plus 5 cents but it’s hardly worth it to switch for $25 per month when I’m very happy with the servcice I’m getting.

My recommendations are to get plenty of quotes on a cost plus basis as tiered pricing can be very misleading. Do not lease any credit card machines and do not buy proprietary machines that can’t be programmed by another processor. Try to find a processor :x that will allow you to leave without a termination fee.

This is high for that average transaction. I came in at 2.2% total with Mercury Payment Systems where 93% of my transactions were swiped. I’m on cost + 8 cents.

they say I am on cost plus 6

I’m a Square fan…2.75%/swipe or max $275/month…free readers…can use on any iPhone/iTouch or android…great for deliveries…free card readers…I’ve yet to have 1 chargeback in 2 years…money deposited next day…simple online access to see chargesb24/7…will never use any other system…has a loyality program, but I don’t use it…but weak telephone customer service, but emails answered promptly…


I am using Heartland. In a previous post I had figured my average transaction cost. If I remember correctly it was 3 - 3.5%.

I have also ordered a free square reader and have set up an acccount as a backup. I have never used it so I can’t speak as to their service, etc. as I have it only in the case of needing a backup.

After spending about 980 in one month on credit card fees, I switched to square. right now I’m digging the 275/mo flat fee. Very very much. And I love being able to swipe cards at the door for deliveries with iphones. Takes much less time than taking cards over the phone.