I’m a new operator (opened in May) and don’t know what to expect for
december sales. Hopefully it is one of the busiest months of the year. That is the case in my other non pizza restaurants. Any thoughts? Thanks

I’ve always heard that Nov and Dec are the busiest months of a pizzeria.This will also depend if you’re right next to a major summer thing(fair,campsite,marina)
Hope this help,I’m sure others will add.

December ROCKS!

Yup, December’s my busiest month of the year.

In the sports bar biz December was always in the top two months of the year for me. March was neck and neck depending on how well the cats did in March madness.

It is a fact that the best month for Pizza sales is October. December is good especially if you do catering. When things are slow in December just remember the x mas parties the business are doing.

I’m extremely busy this month so far, about 30% above normal.

Catering orders coming in every day for Christmas parties.

Yay me!