decieding to open a pizza franchise

My sons are thinking of applying for a d. Pizza franchise.
Where can they find concrete and unbiased information on profitabilty of store?

This should help Frank

I would also say to talk to as many current franchise owners in the chain that you possibly can. They have first hand knowledge of the products, concept, profitability, expenses, and the chains strengths and weaknesses. They may even want to get a part time job in one of the stores for a while to get the feel for things. I wish you the best of luck in your business venture!

David McGuire

Who is A.D.? I have never heard of them…

I think he’s talking about Domino’s -J_r0kk

Oh, BTW, if it is Domino’s… DON’T DO IT! :lol:

why would you say that j_rOkk

Why would I say that? Let’s start with the 5.5% of your royalty sales being paid back to the company in royalties. Then we’ll talk about the 4% of your sales going towards the national advertising fund. After that I guess we could talk about all your food being sent to you from one supplier - DNC (Domino’s National Commissary). Add all those totals together and you’ve just given Domino’s 37.5% of your sales before you can pay bill #1. Now I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like I’m a little handcuffed in a scenario like that.

Also, though the system to learn from is fantastic and you will never, EVER hear of me taking shots at the “system”(I was a part of Domino’s for over 10 years and value every minute of experience I learned from that company. I’ve still got the Rolex, I’ve still got the regional manager of the year plaques, I’ve still got the two-tray plaques, I’ve still got the pictures of Tom Monaghan and me, and I think I can still pop a 3 minute two-tray with a little practice.), it’s a system you’ve got to adhere to and cannot deviate from. That’s why they send franchise area consultants around to all the stores to make sure you meet all operational standards.

The way I look at it is that if I’m going to own a pizza restaurant, I would like the freedom to add whatever I want to the menu. I’d like the opportunity to sell beer for God’s sakes. I HATE Coke and want to sell Pepsi products… but that’s just me.

The biggest reason I say don’t do Domino’s, however… and Fat Boy, if you are a Franchisee more power to you… I don’t think Domino’s can carry on with the growth they’ve shown the past couple years. I think there product is tasteless and the only thing they’ve got going for them is tradition. Once you’ve got a country full of independent pizza operators working their respective markets the way a market should be worked, tradition is going to go by the wayside… and then where’s Domino’s? That’s why I say… DON’T DO IT! -J_r0kk

I agree totally i have 8yrs With a Dominos franchise out of dallas the system is right and i plan on that system for my next shop right now i do all 3 (d/i, c/o & del) but it is to much of a pain to handle delco all the way
thanks for your honesty

i’m in sw oklahoma

As a 15 yr Domino’s veteran I don’t think I could have said it any better!

The System?