deck oven cleaning?

what do you deck oven guys clean your exterior with?

i use a dry steel wool, i like how that works with elbow grease added.

my question is, what is the proper way to clean the stones? anyone ever heard of pouring hot water with kosher salt addded onn them and scrubbing with a towel? what about taking them out and flipping them? anyone favor that technique? i always wonder if the salt is bad, or the flpping is risky. i made a long handled razor blade for getting tough spots.

There is a previous thread (search the archives, maybe?) all about this. And there are two schools of thought:

  1. DON’T clean the stones, you’re losing seasoning that contributes to your pizza’s finish

1a) Just scrape them, perhaps with the standard oven cleaning tool that has a scraper on one side and brass bristles on the other


  1. Clean them with carbonated water and ice.

and either way - yes you can flip them too. Maybe once a year?

Or something like that!