deck oven cooking qustion

We have a deck oven and cook on screens. When it is busy and the door opens more, the oven tries to compensate and heat it back up to temp. The flame is directly below the stone deck, and therefore making the stone too hot. The bottom will brown too quickly leaving the top not quite done.

On a normal day the pizzas are perfect and we slide the pizza on to the stone to finish the cooking process.

I know what is causing the problem, but am unsure of a way to prevent this fro happening during the busy times. I tried to turn the temp down a bit during those times, and it helped a little.

Could anyone offer some suggestions or experiences?

Matt try throwing another screen down that seem to work for me in those situations.


Hi Mattbau:

GM:I don’t bake pizzas but my clients do. You do not indicate what make and model pizza oven you have. From what you say your oven apparently does not have controls for top heat. In that case I think Matt’s suggestion sounds good.

This is the first time I have encountered this problem, that is because most of our clients use air impingement type of conveyor ovens that can adjust top and bottom heat. I thought it more common with deck ovens that under heavy production it is difficult to get the bottom baked properly. Perhaps others can offer more suggestions.

George Mills

Hello Matt,this is where a good oven tender comes into play.This is one reason why I switched to a conveyer ovens.


Do you not have vents on the inside of your oven that controls the top heat? If not another option is to use a pizza pan instead of screens but if you alrweady have the screens then like mentioned before double them up and that should help

Matt, post the oven model number. Also post the BTUs per deck. I’m thinking you might have a baking oven and not a pizza oven. They have lower BTUs and recover more slowly.