Deck oven door problem!

I have two deck, Blodgett ovens. The bottom door is now acting up. It is very heavy and opens very hard slamming down. The top one is fine. This is a new problem, both doors used to open with ease. I checked the hinges and all look fine, comparing top to the bottom. Anyone ever have this kind of problem. It is almost a hazard now and don’t know how to fix. Please help!

Hi anselmospizza:

What model ovens do you have?

George Mills

I’ve got the same problem - there is a spring that partially supports the doors - it encourages the doors to shut. Unfortunately, in my oven at least, that spring is hidden in an inaccessable spot. (Inside the left-hand side of the oven) when they break, the door is as you say - lotsa dead weight. I “mickey moused” a replacement spring in a likely spot. It’s not perfect, but it works.

there is no access door on the left side? there is on mine

George, It’s a Blodgett 1048. Thank you for all of your help. Actually a very easy fix. I would have not thought about checking that side panel on my ovens. Sure enough, two broken springs. $25 a piece and $50 for next day ship. $100 not too bad for a simple easy fix. Could have been worse. Thank you to all of you for your assistance!