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I am looking to replace my conveyor ovens with deck ovens, its personal preference I know alot of you guys have nothing but good things to say about new conveyor ovens but I am set on going old school and going deck. I really want to put a 56" rotoflex but they are asking $42,000 for a setup and I am having issues locating a used one. My other option is a double stack of bakers pride or a double stack of marsals with the brick lined exterior. I really like how the rotoflex can keep alot of volume for such a smaller package. Any feedback is appreciated. If it makes any difference, we do a NY style pizza.

I switched to Edge from Rotoflex about 1.5yrs ago after having Rotoflex for about 10yrs…everytime we get slammed all my guys say…imagine we still had the Rotoflex?

How much did you pay/sell your rotoflex for, did you buy it new or used? Direct from rotoflex or through a 3rd party?

Just wondering, but why switch to a deck? Much harder to keep up with volume and consistency. Extra staff needed to just make sure pies are being rotated and cooked properly. If you’re set on trying to get that crust bake, what about the conveyor that cooks like a deck, the name is escaping me right now. Italia Forno maybe?

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For a true NY pizza you have to use a deck oven. No NY/NJ pizza lover is going to support a conveyor oven NY style pizzeria. The ovens are the key to the mojo and the sound of doors opening closing is a must :slight_smile: I love our old blodgett 1000’s as they evenly cook top/bottom with no rotating. They will never compete with the volume of conveyor ovens but NY pizza in its definition is a deck oven prepared artisan pizza made in small shops that can make a nice living with a stack. The ultimate NY/NJ pizzeria has a sign up saying - CASH ONLY. Walter

Exactly my thought, when my family started in this business over 30 years ago they used blodgett 1000’s, the best memories I had in the pizzeria as a kid was learning how to rotate pies in our 2 sets of double stack bakers pride ovens, we switched to conveyors and it is not the same. I know we cant keep up volume wise but our customers here see a conveyor and they are turned off like its a microwave or something. Also the decks are somewhat nostalgic and hiring an extra guy to tend to ovens or even the training does not bother me, our kitchen is open and we do quite alot of take-out so the ovens will get alot of recognition.

Hey that’s great, completely understand why you’d go that route. I wish you the best of luck with it!

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We charge a top price for our pies and people don’t blink an eye at spending $40 for a large pie. About 40% of our customers are NY/NJ/PA/CT transplants and would never eat conveyor oven pizza calling itself NY. They also never ask about specials/coupons and spread the word like wildfire. A typical new customer comes in from the back home people recommendation. We had an old Italian woman and her 65 year old daughter in today. They have lived here for 1o years (ex Brooklyn) and left hugging us and saying they are coming back with some old recipes for Italian cookies/cannoli filling/breads that came with them from Italy. Stuff like this happens all the time. We love it :slight_smile: Walter

Give Rick Eller a call. He services my Roto-Flex and he usually has used ones. His number is 866-397-3472. i love my Roto-Flex.

Did you buy yours new? Do you mind sharing how much you paid for it? I find 42,000$ for a new oven crazy.

I bought mine new from Roto-flex. I have had it for around 5 years and paid around 25,000 for it. Please PM me with your phone number and I would be happy to talk to you about it.

I paid approx $30K for mine when I bought it new 10yrs ago…$40+seems like a lot. Definitely call Rick Eller (he is the man) if you are going with a Rotoflex…he took my old one so he might still have it. I would recommend having an extra part of EVERYTHING and have Rick come service the oven on a regular basis. Although we were never down at any point, we did have issues that if it were not for having the parts on hand and some handy local guys and Rick’s guidance we would have been screwed. Don’t get me wrong they are good ovens, but I sleep alot better knowing that I have backup and I do not need a skilled oven tender to come in during peak hours to watch the oven. I am located in CT (NY border) where decks rule and this was the major reason why conveyors were never an option for us…long story short, volume got to the point where we had to take the plunge and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Most people did not even notice! One last thing is get ready for a significant gas bill increase. Good luck whatever you decide

Our most direct competitor in town uses a Rotoflex. Good news for us as they are closed at least once a year when the thing breaks and they are waiting for parts. We make a few thousand extra in sales when that happens.

I’m new to non-franchise pizza but have to say- after 32 years with CTX/Middleby/MasterTherm/Lincoln (all conveyors) nothing cooks like a deck. Just started at a new place to get some experience and they use FISH ovens- kinda cool. About $30K installed, I believe.
Like everything- conveyors vs decks are a trade-off.

So what do you have now? Maybe I missed it!

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