Deck Oven Output and Recovery Time

With a skilled oven tender, what kind of production can one expect on a deck oven?

I’m looking at a Baker’s Pride y602 double stack with a 36” by 60” deck and 120k BTUs. I am wondering what kind of output it can reach of 16” pies during peak busy periods, accounting for recovery time.

Should I figure using half of each deck at a time and rotating back and forth as a best case scenario to maintain consistency and quality? Is that too conservative? Not conservative enough?

Any insight is much appreciated!

Deck oven manufactures do not publish production figures, to many variables.

On a double 48” deck I believe output was: 48-53 pizzas per hour (14” pizza)??

If this has a 60” deck, double deck: 68-72 pizzas per hour (14” pizza)??

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